Frequently Asked Questions

Maximizing milk production

You may have to stimulate milk production due to the ineffective way the baby with a tongue and lip tie draws your milk out. After the release your baby is able to create a better vacuum, so should empty the breast more effectively. But your milk production may not be adequate to satisfy your baby’s needs. Allow your baby to drink more often and use breast compression to encourage milkflow.
You can also watch this video on how to supplement your baby at the breast, your baby then drinks and stimulates your production at the same time, then it is no longer necessary to express or use a bottle. Here how to use the Medela SNS system.
Ask your Lactation Consultant for advice.
Watch the video of how to increase your milk supply by hands on pumping or hand expression of milk.
You may also want to use herbs or medicine to improve milk production, always ask a Lactation Consultant to advice you on improving milk production. Weigh your baby regularly to monitor his
weight gain with your Healthcare Provider.