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Reattachment, scartissue, aftercare videos

Here you can find some aftercare videos that also show how reattachement is released again.

You want to keep the extra movement that the tongue got from the release. But the wound can heal quickly, especially in mucosa of the mouth. Scar tissue can form. Make sure you lift the whole body of the tongue (or lip), so that the whole diamond of the wound is visible and stretched and rubbed.

Take in to account that there will always form a new attachment, or frenulum, but you hope by stretching and rubbing the wound site it won’t reattach really tight again. To tell that the new attachment is fine is that it feels looser and that the symptoms improve gradually and don’t come back.

Take also in to account that loosening up scar tissue can bleed some, you press a gauze or handkerchief until the bleeding stops within a short while. You cannot tear the wound any further, you don’t need to worry about that. After breaking scar tissue you can often see the diamond shaped wound to be a bit bigger again.

Video from West Market Dental Practice
Video from Dr. Lawrence Kotlow, Pediatric Dentistry
Video of Newman Family Dentistry
Video and website of ENT Dr. Bobby Ghaheri showing general aftercare and describing it really well.