Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring for my baby to the clinic

If you breastfeed and are currently using a nipple shield please bring it. Also bring some expressed breast milk or formula in a bottle. The baby may not drink immediately from the breast because of the different feeling in his/her mouth from the tongue tie release. There is to little time to heat up milk. The milk is fine at room temperature.

When bottle feeding bring some formula. Handy is if you bring some hot water in a thermos flask.

It is not necessary for the baby to drink, it is comforting and may get rid of the strange taste.

Come if possible with two people, for example your partner, family or friends .

If the baby’s BSN or health insurance numbers are not yet known when making the appointment please bring them to the appointment at the practice, so we can write them down.

Older babies may want a paracetamol suppositry to make them feel more comfortable after the procedure. Depending on their weight, 60-120 mg. Check at your pharmacy.