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Tongue Tie Clinic and Kieferfreund can help

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Tongue Tie Clinic and Kieferfreund can help

Not all patients have access to professional help from speech therapists or other health care providers. Kieferfreund is a health care company who developed a solution to support tongue tie therapies for children and adults. It’s crucial to perform exercises before and after the surgical procedure. Without exercises, the tongue often moves back to its original place. Kieferfreund permanently restores the balance for especially the tongue function. This can be achieved with the Kieferfreund app, no continuous accompaniment by doctor or therapist is required.

Anatomy and explanation of the right tongue position:

Mrs. tongue

What is the Kieferfreund method for a Tongue Tie Release?

The Kieferfreund Method is based on Myofunctional Science and Mindfulness Principles. A natural approach designed to correct improper functioning of the tongue and facial muscles that affect jaw pain, teeth grinding and teeth clenching (based on dental science, speech therapy, mind training, mindfulness and ancient yoga wisdom).

What is the Kieferfreund method for teeth grinding, jaw tensions and jaw pain (tackle the root cause)?

The right tongue position

Painful headaches? Tense jaw?

How does it work with stress

Kieferfreund app

For adults & children

  • App, email support
  • You can get started right away
  • €69,-
    20% discount More information

Kieferfreund Plus

For adults

  • App + trainer,
    email support
  • In addition to the app, the trainer tool helps to learn and test the tongue position
  • €99,-
    20% discount More information

One-to-one session


  • Personal advice,
    online or call
  • Discussion of symptoms and personal requests. A tailor-made individual training program
  • €85,-
    per hour More information

The products of Kieferfreund

  • Tongue tie products support users to perform a series of orofacial exercises before a surgical procedure (to improve the tongue function) and after the procedure (to ensure that the tongue DOES NOT go back to its original place).

  • Effective video instructed exercises to relax the jaw and to re-balance facial muscles

  • Video instructions for learning the correct tongue resting position 

  • Exercises to activate natural nasal breathing 

  • An audio training for jaw relaxation, stress reduction and relearning of the tongue resting position 

  • Tracker tools to monitor the progress and to ensure a successful training outcome 

  • Close customer support and care is Kiefrefreunds’ priority