In which case do I need myofunctional therapy?

In which case do I need myofunctional therapy?

When the oral and facial muscles are out of balance and/ or there is an incorrect swallowing pattern, you may have one or more of the following symptoms:

– mouth breathing;

– incorrect position of teeth, molars or jaws;

– in case that, after orthodontic or jaw-correcting treatments, the “corrected” deviation comes back (in part);

– thumb sucking, finger sucking, pacifier sucking habits which are difficult to be stopped;

– A clear problem with dental prosthesis not staying in place in the adult client, while it was perfectly manufactured;

– if there is “weak” lip tension;

– if there is a narrow and high palate;

– in the event of speech difficulties, such as lisping or hissing;

– in the event of difficulties in swallowing or eating;

– if there is an incorrect tongue position at rest (eg low tongue position at rest);

– TMJ complaints.