Oromyofunctional exercises

Oromyofunctional exercises

To get an optimal result after a tongue tie release you can do these exercises at the speech pathologist who is specialized in OMT or OMFT. It is best to exercise before and after the release. Older children and adults work on improving tongue movement, tongue rest posture, mouth breathing, lip seal and swallowing properly.  It is best to start one or two weeks before the release. It is also advisable to see a manual therapist beforehand to release any tension from compensating mechanisms build up over the years of living with a tongue tie.

There’s a list of speech pathologists (logopedisten) who are specialised in OMFT in The Netherlands who can help you or your child to improve your tongue function.

Here we have some videos of excellent providers from around the world.

Dr. Rishita Jaju and Smile Wonders staff in Reston, VA show you what post-Waterlaser Frenectomy exercises will work for your little ones.
Tongue Release Therapy Days 1-14 OMT of Stanley Dentistry
Tongue Release Therapy Days 15-21 OMT of Stanley Dentistry
The Four Goals of Myofunctional Therapy by Sarah Hornsby RDH, BS.
Carol Vander Stoep of Mouth Matters OMFT indications for problems and tongue tie.