Should we do active wound managament or “aftercare”?

Should we do active wound managament or “aftercare”?

There is not much scientific evidence on how much aftercare and exercises should be done. Internationally, it is generally advised to do aftercare for 4 weeks to prevent rapid, or to much reattachement. The tongue and lip at rest and while drinking are not actively stretched, which means that the original anatomical position can quickly be reestablished . To prevent another release, our advice for wound aftercare in young children is as follows:



The wound aftercare is advised to do 4 times a day (approximately every 6 hours) for 4 weeks. But to taper down the frequency slowly in the 4th week before you stop. The aftercare consists of horizontal swipes and vertical stretches.


Five to six times rub the wounds of the upper lip and / or under the tongue (if treated), you use the same pressure as rubbing in your eye.


Lift the tongue two or three times towards the palate from the mouth with fingers in “V-shape”.

Push tongue up two or three times in a rolling pin like movement  with the indexfinger , you make a “J-shape” under the tongue

Three times lip stretching, you make a “duck face” (if lip is also treated)