Temporary complaints after treatment

Temporary complaints after treatment

Pain and discomfort, see this FAQ.

Temporarily more throwing up because the baby drinks more effectively, the stomach may not yet have been used to the new amount so quickly.

There may be some swallowed blood after the treatment. That doesn’t do any harm. A little green / black solidified blood  can be in the diaper.

More saliva.

Temporarily bad smell from the mouth. This is because the ties are removed and scalded at the same time.

Temporarily more difficult to latch on, more painful latching on, refusal of breast or bottle, also look at the FAQ about remedying compensation behaviour.

Suction blisters can stay for a while, your child is used to drinking in a compensatory way and it can take some time before it is gone. It does no harm.

Your baby can be very grumpy the first 24-48 hours. Also read the frequently asked question(link) about it.

Fever; in fever, the body temperature is 38 degrees or higher. It is very unlikely that this is due to the treatment, rather though another infection. It is important that your child is not drowsy and continues to drink well. If refusing milk give milk from a bottle or with syringe.

For children under 3 months with a fever you should always warn your doctor.