What to do at home if the wound bleeds?

What to do at home if the wound bleeds?

In very rare cases there is a coagulation disorder or anatomical variation that causes bleeding and will be solved immediately after the treatment.

One does not go home after the treatment before the wound is checked. In a baby, it is not expected that the wound starts bleeding at a later stage. In adults and older children, this may happen incidentally after the anaesthesia has worn off (anaesthesia contains vasoconstriction components). Most patients find that the numbness from the injection wears off after about two-three hours.

What can happen at home is that some scar tissue comes loose, scar tissue contains blood vessels. The wound wants to heal, and it should heal, but at the same time you don’t want too much scar tissue, which may restrict the mobility of the tongue again.

What to do: Slowly remove any clot or blood with a gauze before doing something similar to the one below. Keeping a baby upright and make sure that he or she is not too hot.

Do not rinse with water.

Press dry with a gauze for 3 minutes without letting go. If the wound is not dry another 5 minutes with small pressure.

Options for on the gauze: Strong tea is blood vessel narrowing and also xylometazoline (regular nasal spray).

A baby may immediately drink milk again.

If the wound is not dry after 10 minutes of pressure, please call the mobile number of the lactation consultant at the Tongue Tie Clinic (number on the card given to you). You must then return to the clinic after consultation with the therapist (1-way).

For treatments at a location other than the the Tongue Tie Clinic, the agreements with that doctor apply.